Reflection – Turning Your Home Into A Cool Ass Place

Reading corner in my home.

Written & edited by Trevor Knapp.

After a long few weeks of traveling across the country, having a shitty cold, and general life disorder, it came time to restyle the home. And I gotta tell ya, it helped my mental clarity immensely. This may seem obvious to many people, but cleaning up your house and giving it a new beauty can inspire some powerful creativity.

As a man who thrives in chaos when I create, I sometimes lose focus on how helpful clearing and reorganizing can be. I never realized until after I shuffled all of my books around on their shelves that I found more interest in reading them again. Aesthetics has a weird way of creating new energy in the space that you live in. So, when you see something off in your living space, try to take note of what’s bothering you and maybe move stuff around.

Some lovely arranged books and art in my home. Cropped drawing in top right corner is
“Saturn Devouring His Son” by Alessandro Sicioldr.

Another thing I found fascinating with each place I lived in: white walls. If you rent a home, talk to your landlord about painting… in some cases, they won’t give a shit or will ask for you to use more neutral colors (just ask for forgiveness later if you go crazy with your color choices). If you own a home, you have all of the power… paint murals on your ceilings, design ornate trim, paint walls green… You will be surprised what it can do for your mood.

For the chaos makers: try to lock your work into (1) room, or at least do your best to do so. I mean this in the sense with your works in progress (hang your finished art around your home if it isn’t in a gallery)… as someone who struggles to maintain his chaos, it’s good to at least try to keep this in check. Otherwise, your work could scatter everywhere and end up like Francis Bacon’s studio. But, if you have your studio space outside of the home… let chaos reign 🙂

That’s all I got for now, now get inspired with your home and try some interior design shit.

Things to try:
You can move the furniture around into new spots, repaint some cabinets, BUY SOME ART FOR YOUR WALLS, color-code your books, add some flowers to a table, wash your floors, you name it…

Francis Bacon’s Art Studio – yeah it’s pretty gnarly. I love it.

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