Indication (Music) – Suicide: Alan Vega and Martin Rev (1980)

Written by Adam Holzrichter.

Suicide: Alan Vega and Martin Rev (1980)
If you’re going to call your band Suicide you’d better back it up with seriously unmarketable songs. These two clearly meant it. They doomed themselves to a dark corner of 1980’s New York’s underground music world in the self destructive act of creating this unrelentingly cool band. The first half of the album will push away its far too eager-to-be-labeled “outsider” or “miscreant” listener base that flock to dancier goth superstars like Sisters Of Mercy. This is music for people who have tried hard drugs. People who have actually wanted to die before. Maybe the sort who turned back from an edge when they remembered the lusty pleasures that drew them to the eerily dark and swinging sexy vibrations of songs like Shadazz. If there’s only one song you listen to by Suicide it should probably be that, but push yourself to listen to more.

My physical record collection has one strict rule that I adhere to with the deepest seriousness: “Could I have sex to this music, or does it just make me look cool?” What’s the verdict for this Suicide record? Listen for yourself:

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