Work Analysis – Adam Holzrichter

Setting Sun.
Oil on linen
36 x 36 inches

Price: $5000 USD.

Commentary from Trevor Knapp & Bruno Passos.

From Bruno Passos:

Adam has a rare characteristic, he manages to paint as if the outside world does not exist, his paintings have a unique freedom and it is precisely because they eliminate external pressure that his works reach us with such depth.

This arrangement is a great example, after we give the necessary time for contemplation, I start to calm down, I don’t worry anymore about “unraveling” what I see, leaves, candles, flowers, this is irrelevant to me. What I see here is a serene moment, a place that will always be safe from the hustle and bustle of our times. In a way, what I see here is an act of faith, as if it were possible to materialize silence, the absence of movement, the desired possibility of reconciling ourselves through the absence of “greater” purposes. 

Peace through aesthetics, if that’s not something really special, I don’t know what is.

From Trevor Knapp:

I can feel the energy of the sun going down and the intimacy of the light projecting me inwards towards the candles. With the reds and yellows emanating off of one another in the center I sense the idea of a heart opening. A great mirror, a lovely altarpiece… if you need warmth to your home, this work delivers.

This painting carries subtle but strong composition, and a vibrancy that bounces from the greens and reds and yellows and whites. This painting makes me want to sit and reflect with it and within it. The painting seems to ask you to see it, then to lose yourself in reflection and then not see it… a suggestion for great thought.

But man, such a lovely and unassuming peace in the painting… wow. The candles have a way of holding steady and strong within, and yet as you gaze about the work the fire from the candles have a fleeting energy… kind of like the flicker you usually see with a light burning brightly. I hope to see this painting in person soon, as I just enjoy the beauty it holds.

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