Bruno Passos

Born 1985, in Marília, Brazil.

Bruno began his career in fashion, as a stylist, where he had appearances in the main vehicles of the segment, such as the Brazilian Design Biennial (2013) and, previously, in the Venice Biennale (2010).

His first contact with painting came late at the age of 27, after an epiphany, it was when he retired from Fashion and began to dedicate himself fully to painting where, in an early way, he collected awards in the most important classical painting salons in Brazil (SBA Piracicaba /SAV Vinhedo, SBA Limeira, among others. Subsequently, he was the first Brazilian accepted to be an apprentice to the Swedish painter Odd Nerdrum (MET-NY, National-Oslo, Gothenburg Museum). ), then held a solo exhibition at the São Paulo Department of Culture (2018) and accepted an invitation for an artistic residency at the FAMA-Itu Museum (2020-21).

Bruno carries out seasonal expeditions to the corners of Brazil, from where he extracts input for his paintings of latent and non-obvious Brazilianities. His works are part of collections in France, USA, China and Brazil and, in 2020, he was considered by the Norwegian magazine Sivilisasjonen one of the three best classical painters of our time.

Adam Holzrichter

Born 1985, in McHenry, Illinois.

Adam lives and works in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. He attended the American Academy of Art (2006) with a focus in illustration and figure painting. He continued his education in recent years through traditional painting apprenticeships in North Carolina with David Molesky (2014), and under Odd Nerdrum in Norway and Sweden (2016), where he met Bruno Passos! Adam has a history working in the entertainment industry; specifically within art department production as a prop and puppet fabricator for clients such as Disney and Universal Studios. Today he works in Chicago as a scenic painter for motion pictures.

If you wonder what happened during his twenties, he would tell you he was, “subverting a midwestern upbringing as a Jehovah’s Witness”, or, “surveying American culture”. It seems obvious to those who have known him personally that addictions took hold of his ambitions. At age 30 (2015) he cleaned up his act and pursued a direct route to accomplish the lifelong aspiration of being a great painter.

He relocated back to Chicago, after 6 years in California (SF and LA), and was on the path again. In 2016 he became a full-time studio painter. During that time Adam worked primarily on commission-based art of traditional subjects such as portraits, landscapes, and still lifes. As he honed his understanding of drawing and painting handcrafts he began to teach privately. In 2021 he was invited to become a faculty member at Rob Zeller’s Teaching Studios of Art (Long Island, New York) with classes on Post-Impressionist oil painting techniques. 

Adam’s work has been collected across the United States, Mexico, Norway, Denmark, and Spain. He is often published in Poets & Artists Magazine, and shows in 33 Contemporary Gallery in Chicago. He once partnered with McDonald’s on a campaign that parodied Bob Ross for their first Facebook Live broadcast.

Trevor Knapp

Born 1990, in Plano, Texas.

Trevor works both as a Printmaker/Draftsman and as a Graphic Designer, in which he has a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Wisconsin – Stout. Despite working within the commercial design industry, he dedicates much of his time completing commissions for various clients. His design skills brought him to create prominent album covers for Black Fuse, Barrier, Warships, as well as tour posters for Jay Anderson & The Voodoohoney Brass Band.

His printmaking and drawings have awarded him Best In Show at Peninsula School of Art (2013), invitations to exhibit in esteemed Centers such as Green Bay Neville Art Museum (2012), Baton Rouge Center of Contemporary Art (2015), Highpoint Printmaking Center (2018), Manifest Drawing Center (2019), Trout Museum of Art (2021), Pablo Center At The Confluence (2022), and Artist Grants & Residencies with Green Bay Neville Art Museum (2012), and University of Wisconsin – Stout (2013).

Trevor’s prints and drawings are part of collections throughout the United States, Australia, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. His works have been featured in publications such as Hi-Fructose Magazine, Juxtapoz Magazine, Manifest’s INDA, and