TRIPTICO – Why does this newsletter exist?

TRIPTICO is three artist friends who would like to have more quality contact with people through the internet. We’ve noticed that current social networks operate as tools that privilege controversy, vulgarity, competition and a very short-term focus.

We believe that the best way to cultivate a healthier environment is not to be reactive, but creators, so instead of wasting energy on criticizing the virtual environment, we chose to make it a nicer, more contemplative place that would encourage greater proximity between us and you. This newsletter gives us the possibility to present content in a deeper, more cadenced way, with sincerity and more lightness.

Here you will find biweekly movie tips, music, interesting and unlikely articles and, of course, lots of Art. Each biweekly edition will have a work by one of the three of us to be commented on by all of us. In addition, the work in question will have a 10% discount during the fortnight in which the newsletter is on the air.

Suggest that your friends also subscribe to the Newsletter, share knowledge, read fun books, take improbable trips, eat new foods, buy art, challenge the algorithm, be alive and living!

Welcome, I hope you enjoy it and that our sincerities can meet yours.

Adam, Bruno and Trevor.