Recipe – Chicken Wild Rice Soup

Written & edited by Trevor Knapp
Chicken Wild Rice Soup – A Classic Midwestern Dish!

Time to make:
1-2 hours
(if you’re a fast prepper, closer to 1hr20min, if you’re a fucking slow poke like me… 2-2hr 30min)

Chicken3 lbs
Wild Rice3 cups
Broccoli2 bundles
Corn2 cups
Shredded Carrot3 handfuls
Radish1 large bundle
Celery1 entire stock
Green Onion1 entire bundle
Yellow Onion2 whole
(For Roux) Butter3/4 stick
(For Roux) Unbleached Flourvariable pending how thick you want your soup
Minced Garlic (1 jar)
Use however much you need for each ingredient based on your taste buds, sometimes I can overdo it

Ok ok, here we go. A recipe of great chaos… and one of my favorite dishes as of late: Chicken Wild Rice Soup. My measurements are made up, so bear with me. My general goal with making a soup like this is to make enough to last several days, have a lot of healthy ingredients, and use your entire fucking refrigerator. So when I say an entire stock of celery or a large bundle of radishes, just be sure to look if that is even enough for the soup that you want here… sometimes you may need more of this or that vegetable. And keep in mind: You can add other items in! Obviously I’m giving you a formula for how I do this, but just be loose with the recipe to some extent (as I tend to be). Let us begin.

Step 1:
Using the biggest pot in your house, boil your chicken. All of it. Add some garlic, salt, and a bunch of thyme to the chicken as it boils (30-40 min).

This is possibly the longest part of the recipe. When I put chicken in the pot to boil, I add 2 spoonfuls of minced garlic and enough thyme to cover the top of the pot so you can barely see the chicken. This will be your flavor since you will keep the water you have your chicken in for the whole soup, and you will add more water with time since the water will boil away. Oh yeah, add some salt in as well for flavoring… but not too much just yet (good to save some of the salting for when you are serving)

Step 2:
While the chicken is boiling, prepare your wild rice in a separate pot. Cook 3 cups of rice.

Pretty straightforward. Follow your general instructions on how to cook rice… I believe wild rice is usually a 2:1 ratio of 2 cups water, 1 cup wild rice.

Step 3:
Cut up your vegetables. I usually cut them up small so that you can get a good mix with each spoonful for eating.

Step 4:
Pull the chicken out of boiling water and shred it apart. Bring water down to medium. Throw your cut-up vegetables, chicken, and cooked rice into the water.

Step 5:
The Roux (thickening agent for the soup)… start it up on a pan! I throw the whole 3/4 stick of butter into the pan right away and melt it down, then slowly add spoonfuls of unbleached flour into the pan with the butter. Just do 1 spoonful at a time with mixing, that way the flour mixes in well with the butter. ADD IN SOME GARLIC TOO! This can add a little extra flavor to your roux.

When the roux is all properly mixed (has no flour lumps), add the roux into the soup. If the soup doesn’t seem thick enough, create another roux in a pan, but don’t add too much… 2nd day soup will be much thicker (trust me).

Step 6:
Let the soup cook for a while, stirring occasionally. When you feel like everything is cooked fully through (ie. vegetables soft and not crunchy), do a few taste tests and trust your judgement on adding any other seasonings to add that extra pop. When I serve up bowls, I usually throw a little salt on top.

Enjoy the damn soup! If you try it out, let me know what you think… I could always use some suggestions for improving the recipe.

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