Work Analysis – Trevor Knapp

Pencil on Paper.
12.7 cm x 27.94 cm / 5 inches x 11 inches.
Price: $1400 USD.

Commentary from Adam Holzrichter & Bruno Passos.

From Bruno Passos:

How many times are we sincere enough to fall apart?

Our society is built on the notion that only the victorious matter, the one who endures, who supports everything without weakening, I ask myself: how inhumane is this behavior?

Why suppress a feeling as potent as the honesty of a failure?

I think there’s nothing more cowardly than resigning yourself to being just another, a good, stable man, full of success, with life almost pre-programmed. And not because it was chosen to be all that, but because it was the most convenient choice.

No! My love is for those who have great successes and homeric failures, monumental defects and unique virtues. Those who live to be alive, who don’t care about the cleanliness of their knees, they care about the beating of their hearts.

This work by Trevor is for me much more than art, it is a declaration of love, the communion of all those who, even today, insist on being alive.

From Adam Holzrichter:

A tendency to repurpose the best parts from his past successes is a major strength of Trevor’s. A practice of most historical giants; edit and rebuild the best version possible. This image wreaks of pathos. I have a pit in my stomach. That blank sheet of paper on the composition’s left side is so attention-grabbing, and sweet.

That poster image of a stabbing fist pasted over this upward gazing head makes for a startling, and relentlessly functioning composition. This is a moment of triumphant tragedy. It is bleak, and conjures up a scene of desperation which feels like an all too familiar reality.

The difference between Trevor’s drawings and linocut prints is stark. Mark making in his drawings is searching for forms that are defined by shadow and light contrasts, but nothing is simplified, except that which is of utmost importance. Each passage of shadow is broken by intentional line variation. There is a tone of madness in his decisive movements throughout this piece that I love to see in all of my favorite art. I pray its viewers will examine with similar scrutiny to that which I have become accustomed.

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