Work Analysis – Bruno Passos

90cm x 60cm.
Acrylic on plywood.

Commentary from Adam Holzrichter & Trevor Knapp.

From Trevor Knapp:

There is light and color in this painting that makes me feel like I am in a dream. A kind of half-light shimmering on the surface, with its yellows and greys. A psychedelic wash. I can’t fully tell either, and this is where my perspective kicks in, I sense as though I am on the bank of a river looking through the trees or reeds, catching a glimpse of these people on their raft in the morning light.

But the morning light catches with a mist or a fog or even a bright light reflection, as seen from the dabs of white clouding around the boat and figures. And the features of the rowers are so abstract that I feel that dream even more… like a snapshot captured right before I woke up. Some of the blacks and greys crackling around the image even give me that film grain impression. With the birds sifting on by in the lower portion of the painting, I feel that memory flowing by as well. A warm memory.

From Adam Holzrichter:

Bruno’s peaceful Brazilian seascape conjures up Claude Monet’s ghost from his groundbreaking Impressionist Sunset (1872). I feel a sense of urgency to pay close attention to these two figures in a boat. It seems like we’re seeing them from beneath a tree line somewhere on the shore. A lackadaisical application of barely yellow paint atop the delicate blues feels like a deliverance from the mundanity of a digital world. A few slippery reflections of a sun that is off in the sky. It looks like morning, because I know that first light which pours so specifically onto the boaters’ silhouettes. It creates an urgency to them. Two people among nature, and so out of place in their interaction with it.

Are these dark shapes on the bottom right whale backs just slightly breaking the surface? I can imagine whatever Id’d like. It doesn’t make this scene somehow violent, if they are. Maybe just more serene for these interlopers. I’m so jealous of them.

I wish I could feel the heat in this picture on my skin. It feels so sentimental and loving. Like if you took a photo of the scene you would somehow be violating its beauty. Deceitfully simple. Bruno is a master of the subtle.

I would love to own this painting.

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