Exhibition Announcement – TCHARAM!

Hey friends – we have been busy at work with a few things in development. Triptico had to take a small break. And so…

An exhibition featuring our work at A Very Serious Gallery,
October 28th – December 3rd.

We are a little late posting this, as the exhibition required a great deal of planning from all of us. The opening (October 28th) was a special one, as all 3 of us (Adam, Bruno, Trevor) were in attendance.

So, please, come see some of the work we have created for this exhibition. We are all very proud.

We will post photos and the like of how the opening ceremony went, as well as our works displayed in the show in due time.

Take care, talk soon,

A, B, T

About the Exhibition:

TCHARAAAAM!….a Portuguese exuberant expletive, similar to “Tada!”, marks their first exhibition together, showcasing their personal and unique talents.

What great glue brought these three artists together? Despite living within very different parts of the world, Holzrichter, Knapp & Passos are all emotionally & morally alike, refusing to shift their styling to match the trends of the art market, staying true to their classical base and traditional techniques.

Despite these principles, they’re quite distinctive from one another: Knapp constantly strolls through the solitude of people living within chaotic urban life, Holzrichter presents us with altars & figures that invite us to spirituality without idols, and Passos, in turn, has an unparalleled interest in delicate human relationships within nature.

Critically acclaimed and internationally recognized, this is Passos’ first time showing paintings within the United States. The three were brought together under the foundations of Odd Nerdrum, with both Holzrichter & Passos’ studying with him in Norway and Knapp studying from abroad.

While collectively they’ve worked together within their shared interest newsletter TRIPTICO, this is the first time they’ve presented paintings together in the same room.

The show concludes on December 4, 2022, with viewing hours Wednesday-Saturday.

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