Indication (Movie) – Wings of Desire (1987)

Article written by Trevor Knapp

I bought this film as a blind purchase when I was still in the early days of trying to understand film (still trying to “get it”, haha). I remember seeing the cover and becoming completely entranced by its beauty, but reading more about it intrigued me. An Angel giving up immortality for a woman he has fallen in love with from afar? And, somehow the woman senses him in her dreams.

He sees life from high above, down low, right next to all human beings, yet they see him not. This yearning for a love of life sparked something in me that I felt I needed to witness from director Wim Wenders, and it does not disappoint.

The mix between black & white to vivid color cinematography, the poetic dialogue, the fantastic romanticism, and philosophy is tightly packed in with an ending I will never forget… it is a film I cannot recommend enough. It just warms my soul.

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