We’ve Gone Public

Triptico Update!

Hello friends,

For those who have been following our newsletter biweekly, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. This creation has been a joy to develop further and further, and we look forward to releasing more of our artwork, commentary, and general excitement in the future.

We began this newsletter with the idea that our art and writings would go out to you all on a regularly scheduled basis, but now after a number of high council meetings, a few executives stepping down, and a corporate takeover (kidding… kidding, no one’s stepping down), we decided to publish all of our content created thus far so that you can read it all at your leisure! I know, pretty cool.

Bear with us as we get a better cadence with how we will release our writings and artwork, as we’re still trying to figure it all out. We just love sharing and seeing what you all think! So, if you feel compelled to write to us, please do so… we want to talk with you. We’re here to build community and friendships, and have our work resonate with you.

With that said: We’ve officially gone public! Check out all of our articles, and expect to see many more to come.

And, we have surprises coming along the way. A few of our artist friends plan to collaborate with us here at Triptico, so expect some cool shit to hit your mailbox soon…

Much love,

Adam, Bruno, and Trevor.

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