Recipe – Peanut Butter Chicken w/ Ramen

Written & edited by Trevor Knapp
Peanut Butter Chicken w/ Ramen – I kind of made this one up, and its great.

Time to make:
1 hour
(if you’re a fast prepper, closer to 1hr, if you’re a fucking slowpoke like me… 1hr 30min)

For 2 people
Chicken2 chicken breasts
Ramen3 cups
Peanut Butter2 bundles
Red Pepper2 cups
Avocado3 handfuls
Broccoli1 large bundle
Chives1 entire stock
Lime1 entire bundle
Coconut Oil2-3 solid spoonfuls
Sesame Oilenough to cover the pan
Garlica few spoonfuls
Kale3 stalks
Ghee2-3 solid spoonfuls
For Sauce:
Peanut Butter
Sesame Oil
Coconut Oil
for PB: use about half of a jar, for Garlic: 2 solid spoonfuls, for Coconut Oil: 2-3 solid spoonfuls. Add some sesame oil if it doesn’t seem saucy enough
Mixed Peppercorn
Minced Garlic (1 jar)
Crushed Red Pepper
Use however much you need for each ingredient based on your taste buds, sometimes I can overdo it. But, definitely go heavy on crushed red pepper… the peanut sauce will dampen the spice

Just wing this recipe, I have faith in you.

Ok, I kid. But in truth I struggle remembering my steps, I just kind of make things up as I go along and see how things work. So, take deep breaths while reading my steps, ok? Here we go:

Step 1:
If I remember correctly, start chopping up all of your veggies (Red Pepper, Broccoli, Kale), and get your chicken set on the stove. I season my chicken with mixed peppercorn, minced garlic, and crushed red pepper. I think I season the chicken, flip it, season it some more, then flip it again… I think. Well anyway, do what you think feels right in that case, but be careful on the crushed red pepper if you don’t want it too spicy. The peanut sauce will curb some of the spice, too.

Keep your chicken on a lower heat so that it doesn’t cook too fast and gets cold while waiting for the veggies and ramen to be finished!

Step 2:
When you have the veggies cut up, throw them on a pan with no oil to start… your peanut sauce will have plenty of oil, and you will enjoy that semi charred taste on the veggies from dry roasting them…

Step 3:
Keep an eye on that chicken, don’t cook it too fast, damnit. But, when everything is close to finishing, brown the edges of the chicken so it has a crispy flavor!

Step 4:
Prepare the Peanut Sauce. Use chunky peanut butter, or don’t if that’s not your thing. Add in some sesame oil and a bunch of coconut oil and of course minced garlic. Just refer to what I put up above and potentially add more if it doesn’t feel like enough (because honestly, I don’t measure… yes yes I lost my credibility as a cook now)

Step 5:
Cook the Ramen. Ramen cooks pretty fast, so save this until you are pretty close to being finished with the veggies, chicken, and peanut butter sauce.

Step 6:
Oh, shit, don’t forget to cut lime and avocado up for side garnishing… that adds some nice side flavoring. I use the lime to drizzle lime juice over the finished plate, and I just throw avocado on the side. You can chop some more uncooked red pepper on the side too if you want, but not really needed (just looked cool for the photo).

Step 7:
When everything is finished, I place the ramen on the bottom, drizzle some peanut sauce on it, then add veggies on top of that, drizzle some peanut sauce, then chicken, drizzle peanut sauce on top of that, then throw some chives on top of that. Just look at my cool photos for reference (my girlfriend uses cilantro on her dish, but frankly I find cilantro disgusting… fight me).

And… enjoy! I hope that makes sense, I’ll try rereading it a few more times and decide if it needs more editing later on. Either way, I think my explanation works pretty well. Cheers.

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