Indication – Open (2013 Album)

Open – by The Necks
Written & edited by Trevor Knapp

I got into this jazz trio some years ago… I’m not even sure how I found them. My usual method of discovering music just consists of rabbit holes upon rabbit holes of bands being influenced by other bands. Anyway.

My friend and I would share new albums we found of theirs with each listen… and then we came upon this gem. The Necks’ albums primarily consist of 1 single track, played completely improvised within one take. One of the members just starts, and they riff off of one another over the course of an hour.

The album begins slow and meditative, then gradually unfolds into a wonderous mix of piano, bass, and drums echoing and twinkling out into what feels like the night sky. It brings me a tremendous sense of peace each time I listen to it… the feeling of the infinite.

And, if you get a chance… see them live. It is like a psychedelic experience. They will play something they have never played before, and will never play again.

Their website:

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