Work Analysis – Trevor Knapp

A Little Too Late.
Linoleum Relief Cut Print.
22.86 cm x 30.48 cm / 9 inches x 12 inches.
Price: $125 USD / Each, Edition of 100.

Commentary from Adam Holzrichter & Bruno Passos.

From Bruno Passos:

“A Little Too Late”, how many times have we had this feeling and yet we’ve been driven to keep going?
How many times have we had the courage to admit that there were no villains and that acting has nothing to do with fighting, but creating with new arrangements, new sequences of pages, new stories?

Trevor always flirts with tragedy, his characters constantly face danger, anguish, and indifference. The curious thing is that we notice that they always do it with austerity, resignation, and sobriety.

Here the writer/seller collects his papers with delicate movements, touching the surfaces gently with his hands. He doesn’t waste time feeling angry or reacting to ignorant passersby who further threaten his documents, he may be the loneliest man in the world, but he’s aware. Alive.

Trevor’s heroes never belong in the mob.

From Adam Holzrichter:

This drawing smells like a used bookstore I’ve just ducked inside of to avoid the rain.

Inspecting each detail puts me into Trevor’s micro position of having to hand carve the drawing he’s made into a separate art piece. It’s insane that anyone would do this. Imagine drawing in negative. Now carve that into a surface.

This curb recalls San Francisco in my memory. Figures rival Robert Crumb’s bent characters in their inexplicable expressiveness. The businessman has withered hands, that seem smaller than a blue-collar man’s. His struggle to collect his papers makes me wonder if this is the height of his suffering in life. Look at his teeth, biting the lower lip! I can’t explain my disdain for this character and his struggle. I don’t hate capitalism, but I can’t sympathize with his gentle hands! How funny!

Look at those swirling raindrops hitting the puddle! How did he conjure Van Gogh’s painted skies so easily? The pattern of wet footprints is delightfully playful! Trevor is truly a compassionate storyteller. As the viewer, you can live in another world, where the commonplace is really quite magical.

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2 thoughts on “Work Analysis – Trevor Knapp

  1. A marvelous piece, truly. I like how the act of recollecting the papers seem devoided of subtle meaning – for the papers are wet, they don’t serve a purpose anymore. But, even knowing it, he retrieves his papers. An empty act, just like living is.

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