Indication – A Mighty Wind

Written and edited by Adam Holzrichter.

(2003), Dir. Christopher Guest:
From its strangely objective point of view, this American folk music mockumentary makes my jaw drop in disbelief. The inventive songwriting each group brings to the overall dynamic leaves you feeling utterly embarrassed in the world its writers, Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy, have created. I can’t trust the feeling in my own body as I double over in laughter. Scenes are jarred with sudden introductions of new characters who feel so bizarre that you’re forced to excuse, and even root for them. I can’t, from all my understanding of people, figure out what went on in each of their lives to turn them into these unmanageable personalities! It’s occasionally touched on when absolutely necessary. What an inventive cast of actors. I’m totally uninvested in this movie’s cultural significance, and I love the joy it brings me!

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